I. Gae Aulenti

II. Marcos

III. Yuvia

Joy of Design

They are lost, for whom the pursuit of beauty is folly. For beauty is not peripheral, it is the primordial, organic goad. It is the non-death! That which is classed, “beautiful” may appear variable outside personal conditions, but reverse the path of any undertaking, of the most banal activity in the most basic mind, and one will find at the trail’s terminus not reason, not actual knowing, but a radiant Apollo, a lambent Aphrodite or of course an effulgent hermaphrodite. It should be argued that pushing every seeking vine and behind the striving, mushrooming canopy of every tree is a green muse. Thus beauty in human creation is not really creation, it is expressing emergence whilst acknowledging transience. Nothing is ever achieved it is only witnessed. A great designer describes they do not create.  

Joyful, self-aware ephemerality is the height of any art.

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